HSS Concrete can provide you with a range of concrete to help you with your DIY project. From post holes to shed slabs to beautiful exposed aggregate pathways, we have the experience and advice to help you create your perfect project. Below is an example of some of the projects you may undertake, please feel free to use the resources on our website (Volume Calculator and Online Store), to find out the correct products variables and amounts. As part of our personalised service we will call you to discuss all online orders you place to ensure that you get the appropriate products and volumes.


We can provide concrete of the correct MPA (how strong the concrete is) and Slump (how wet the concrete is) to your exact requirements and distance from our plant. Please feel use the Post Hole Calculator below to estimate the amount of concrete your Post Hole Project will require. If you require a floor for your new garden shed or an extension to your driveway we can help you get the right concrete product. Use our uniqueConcrete Volume Calculator to work out the approximate amount of concrete you will require. Once you have that information you can order the right amount of concrete right here. Exposed Aggregate Pathways Exposed Aggregate Pathways are a beautiful addition to your home. With a large range of aggregate size and colors, you can create your own unique pathway. Use our Concrete Volume Calculator to find out the approximate amount of concrete required and then choose from our range of aggregate. We are here to help so with every order placed we will double check your specifications and volume and speak with you to confirm that you have the right aggregate and the right volume of concrete.


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